Friday, September 2, 2011

Do I really need my knee anyway??

So, I went to a new doctor yesterday to have my knee looked at. I was really hoping that he wouldn't know I got a cortisone shot and give me another one. I'm a cortisone shot junkie!! Well, he found out, and wouldn't give me another one! He said that either stopping running or going to Physical Therapy would be the only solution to my knee bursitis. I asked if I could get in right away for PT. I got in yesterday afternoon. I'm actually kind of sore from it. He said that my foot doesn't turn out as much as it should, so I don't 'pronate' as much as I should on the right foot. (not sure if that sentence makes sense...)

I have exercises to do and go back on Tuesday morning. I have a chiropractor appt after work today, too. I'm determined to run this weekend. It's supposed to be nice and cool.

Only 16 days until my least I can walk if I have to.

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