Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Days

10 days until my 5 mile marathon leg......I think I'm ready.  I ran/walked this morning - 2.7 miles in 38 minutes.  15 minutes running and 23 minutes walking and my knee is killing me.  As hard as it will be, I don't think I'm going to run again until the race. 

I'm doing the first leg of the relay.  I looked at the route this morning and figured out my strategy (which may change).....Walk the first 5 minutes, then run until I get to Telulah street.  Walk up and across the overpass and maybe walk a little more, depending on how I'm feeling.  Then run to John Street.  Walk from John to Newberry and then run the rest, to my hand off.  Gary's running miles 15 to 20, so not sure if he'll run with me or wait for me at the end, or something else!!

So bummed - I went to a luncheon today at the hotel where the Packers and Saints were staying before tonight's big game.  I wish I could've skipped the lunch and waited in the lobby to see the teams.   AND I wish I could go to the game's a perfect night for football!!  GO PACK GO!!!

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