Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Sure.....

My 5 mile relay leg was yesterday, and I'm not sure what to think.  We got there early because I wanted to see the half-marathoners take off.  It was pretty cool!!  Then I had an hour to wait until we started.  It was a beautiful morning - probably about 60 degrees, sunny, wind from the southeast.  About 7:55, I headed out to the start.  I went towards the back, since I knew I would be going slow.  Little did I know how slow I would be.....  Probably within the first mile and a half, I got to be the VERY LAST PERSON.  I was embarrassed when the people were still clapping for me.  I didn't run as much as I wanted to.  I was hoping to run at least half, which I know I didn't do.

I did make it to the 5 mile mark, where I found out I finished in about one hour nine minutes.  I wanted to finish in less than one hour 15 minutes, so I met that goal.  So, I would have felt much better about it if I had been a different leg of the relay.  Because any other leg, I wouldn't have been last.

So, while I was out there, I wasn't sure why I wanted to do this, I wasn't sure if I wanted to ever do another race, I wasn't sure I even wanted to finish the 5 miles I was doing.  I was thinking that I wished I had my phone, I would have called Gary to come get me.  I really don't think that I would've done that, but I kind of wanted to.

My next goal is to join Fleet Feet's 5K training program to run a 5K at the beginning of December.

I figure I can only improve from here, right??

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Less Than a Week!!

5 days until the marathon relay!!!  I think I'm ready!  Still undecided as to what I'm going to wear - I guess I'll wear what I normally wear to run.  Unfortunately, none of it really matches, but I guess that doesn't matter.  My Nuun should have been delivered today, so I can hydrate myself as much as possible on Friday and Saturday.  I recently planned to go see a friend down in Grafton on Friday night, so I KNOW there will be adult beverages consumed.  I just can't go overboard!!

I have one more PT session on Thursday to do that Iontopheresis on my knee, and hopefully I can get a bike ride in on Wednesday or Thursday night.  Biking doesn't seem to hurt my knee at all.

I'm actually pretty excited about the race.  I know that I just have to run how I normally run and not try to keep up with everyone at the start of the race.  I'm just hoping I can run farther on my knee than I have in awhile.  Since my knee got bad again, I feel like I've hardly run at all.

Now I'm looking at a membership at the Y for the winter, so I can continue to work out.  I've only lost 4 pounds this summer - I want to lose 20 over the winter.  Not sure if that's feasible, but I sure will try!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Days

10 days until my 5 mile marathon leg......I think I'm ready.  I ran/walked this morning - 2.7 miles in 38 minutes.  15 minutes running and 23 minutes walking and my knee is killing me.  As hard as it will be, I don't think I'm going to run again until the race. 

I'm doing the first leg of the relay.  I looked at the route this morning and figured out my strategy (which may change).....Walk the first 5 minutes, then run until I get to Telulah street.  Walk up and across the overpass and maybe walk a little more, depending on how I'm feeling.  Then run to John Street.  Walk from John to Newberry and then run the rest, to my hand off.  Gary's running miles 15 to 20, so not sure if he'll run with me or wait for me at the end, or something else!!

So bummed - I went to a luncheon today at the hotel where the Packers and Saints were staying before tonight's big game.  I wish I could've skipped the lunch and waited in the lobby to see the teams.   AND I wish I could go to the game's a perfect night for football!!  GO PACK GO!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do I really need my knee anyway??

So, I went to a new doctor yesterday to have my knee looked at. I was really hoping that he wouldn't know I got a cortisone shot and give me another one. I'm a cortisone shot junkie!! Well, he found out, and wouldn't give me another one! He said that either stopping running or going to Physical Therapy would be the only solution to my knee bursitis. I asked if I could get in right away for PT. I got in yesterday afternoon. I'm actually kind of sore from it. He said that my foot doesn't turn out as much as it should, so I don't 'pronate' as much as I should on the right foot. (not sure if that sentence makes sense...)

I have exercises to do and go back on Tuesday morning. I have a chiropractor appt after work today, too. I'm determined to run this weekend. It's supposed to be nice and cool.

Only 16 days until my least I can walk if I have to.