Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Less Than a Week!!

5 days until the marathon relay!!!  I think I'm ready!  Still undecided as to what I'm going to wear - I guess I'll wear what I normally wear to run.  Unfortunately, none of it really matches, but I guess that doesn't matter.  My Nuun should have been delivered today, so I can hydrate myself as much as possible on Friday and Saturday.  I recently planned to go see a friend down in Grafton on Friday night, so I KNOW there will be adult beverages consumed.  I just can't go overboard!!

I have one more PT session on Thursday to do that Iontopheresis on my knee, and hopefully I can get a bike ride in on Wednesday or Thursday night.  Biking doesn't seem to hurt my knee at all.

I'm actually pretty excited about the race.  I know that I just have to run how I normally run and not try to keep up with everyone at the start of the race.  I'm just hoping I can run farther on my knee than I have in awhile.  Since my knee got bad again, I feel like I've hardly run at all.

Now I'm looking at a membership at the Y for the winter, so I can continue to work out.  I've only lost 4 pounds this summer - I want to lose 20 over the winter.  Not sure if that's feasible, but I sure will try!!

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