Friday, October 21, 2011

Been Awhile!!

Now that the marathon relay is over, I've been slacking with the posts!  I'm still running/walking, but not like I was.  it's been hard to find the time - I know....just a big excuse.  Plus, my foot is bothering me.  My whole right leg does not like this running thing!!  So, I have an appt with a foot doctor on Tuesday. 

I've been averaging a workout 3 times a week.  I joined the Fleet Feet 5K training program, which is every Thursday.  I really like it, and I like to be able to run with other people, even though I slow them down.

I did update my running spreadsheet that I started on 8/1/11.....I just hit 100 miles and over 24 hours of running.  That is not something I ever thought would happen.  That's like running to Milwaukee!  Wow!!  Now I just have to get out there more.

Last night was my running group and it was probably the best run I've ever had - I wasn't getting out of breath like usual and I think I ran more than usual, too.  I wished I had had my watch with me.  Oh well.

Hoping to run at least once this weekend - maybe twice if I'm really daring!!

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